What is this “Sin Dou” forum? So unreserved…
GeminiCap gathers the world – [Quality Partner Exclusive Forum]

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“Collecting the high-end segment output of the industry masters,
Convergence analysis of all aspects of pain points in the industry
The topic is tight, the obstacles are unlocked, and the kinetic energy is gathered.
Create a new vision for the financial foreign exchange circle! “——GeminiCap

On March 14th, GeminiCap’s quality partner enjoyed the first stop of the forum – Shanghai Station set sail for a strong start. The theme of this forum is “The pressure of the ice-breaking environment and the strength of the market”. For the majority of investors, the well-known media, senior lawyers, documentary, training, asset management, and technical parties are all high-ranking, presenting the participants. A large-scale answer to the question of the foreign exchange market.

| Multi-angle breaks the bottleneck and escorts in all directions

The developmental common problems that the current environmental characteristics of the industry have spawned have long become the industry’s “roadblocking tigers”. Deeply here, GeminiCap bridges the resources for the majority of customers to link resources of all parties and gather together to transfer kinetic energy. This forum brings together many painful problems in the industry, and it is analyzed by the giants in various fields. The theory and the case are combined. The wonderful and amazing students are brought together, and the participants bring the questions and carry the plan. Finally, the forum is also praised. Feng.

We are more concerned about the long-term companionship of our partners. Your long-lasting companionship is the goal we are more willing to see and serve. GeminiCap is not only a trading platform, but also a communication platform for partners to provide 720-degree communication:

[Lawyer’s Guide] – Compliance and Legal Collection under the new supervision;
[Media Intelligence] – Avoiding operational risks and removing development barriers;
[Pain point direct hit] – strong trend with a single? Blue Ocean mode training? Asset management? All-round sharing of strength;
[TC assisted] – technical analysis of achievement transactions;
[Interactive confuse] – a spark that collides with a new horizon.

|The topic is tightly linked, the analytical kinetic energy

In fact, in order to create a high-quality forum to solve the real needs of customers and accurately transmit development momentum, GeminiCap has consulted customers in the early stage of preparation, which is based on its own professionalism and profound understanding of the current development of the industry. And combined with the real needs of many customers, only the amazing birth of this forum. As Ms. Shan Xiaoli, the director of the well-known media financial weekly magazine, mentioned in her speech at the forum: “GeminiCap always insists on providing a full range of support policies for the agency”. We will always promote the common development of both parties as the focus of the future. Our customers deliver more development momentum.

GeminiCap [Quality Partner Exclusive Forum] welcomes the arrival of the guest!

Ms. Shan Xiaoli [Director of “Wealth Management Weekly”] gave a speech to GeminiCap [Quality Partner Exclusive Forum];

Ms. Gloria [Head of GeminiCap PR] – GeminiCap’s Capital Security and Million Insurance Policy details, escort partners on the road to trading;

Ms. Elle [Founder of the Huishang List] – How to “avoid operational risks and remove development barriers”

Lawyer Jiang Xiuhai [Senior Partner of Xinben Law Firm] – “Analysis of Compliance and Legal Cases under New Supervision”

Chen Junliang [Deputy Secretary-General of the Taiwan Institute of Foreign Exchange Research] – “The strong trend of foreign exchange trading – the trend of follow-up”

Ying Yao Xiang [“Tradimo” China Operations Chief] – “Blue Sea Model of Trading Training”

Chen Jiming [Special Lecturer at Qihe Net and Rongjie Education College] – “Forex Trading and Asset Management”

Rebecca [“Trading Central” Customer Service Manager] – “Introduction to TC Trading Tools – How to Achieve Transaction through Technical Analysis”.

Answer the question time, the industry giants professional God reply to the transaction!

Award-winning rewards, exquisite gifts and enthusiasm!

After the meeting, the coffee breaks the exchange time, grasping the relaxed moment and pulling close to the famous master!

The topic of this forum is closely related to the current development situation, and the analysis of the in-depth explanation of the truth is really beneficial to the participants.

|Interactive communication, feedback integration

After the output of the big and high-level segments in various fields, it is the free communication session of the guests. Everyone is confused by the heart, or learns from the speakers, or feels the experience of others. The link shows “how to take the strengths of others to make up for themselves” In the collision, re-igniting the former action force, and this is also in line with the initial intention of our forum – let the partners stay ready to break the ice!

The ultimate experience of our customers is our goal. Whether it is meaningful proposals and feedback, or your slight arbitrariness, we are open source, because your true attitude and feedback is the power and cornerstone of our next activity. We would like to be your Broker in the snow because we don’t want to pass you by.

Your suggestion feedback will be included in the report by GeminiCap, as shown in the following figure (only part of this article). We will also publicly announce each event feedback report.

(Link to this event feedback report: https://www.esurveycreator.com/results/c22a59c-73efbd5 )

|Quality partners enjoy the forum and look forward to seeing you next time!

“We gather divine power, just for you!
We are screaming for strength, just for you!
The lineup of each exclusive forum will depend on the current form;
Each exclusive forum allows you to break through the bottleneck in your thinking collision! “——GeminiCap

GeminiCap has always been committed to promoting the long-term development of its partners as a top priority, and has always been committed to providing comprehensive development support for our customers. This quality partner enjoys a series of forums for this purpose. Taking an important step, we will continue to improve our experience from the previous station, constantly optimize the form of activities, and increase the amount of gold in the forum, in order to make the next stop more suitable for customer needs, so that participants will be confused. , to solve the law, promote development!

GeminiCap Premium Partner Enjoy the next stop of the forum and look forward to meeting you!

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