A wave of unrest has risen again, and the wave of new knowledge is no longer rampant!
GeminiCap “Ice-Breaking Pressure, Energy Break Out” Annual Lecture in Xian

[small order]
“Collecting the high-end segment output of the master craftsman of the industry,
Convergence analysis of all aspects of pain points in the industry
The topic is tight, the obstacles are unlocked, and the kinetic energy is gathered.
Create a new horizon in the field of financial transactions! “——GeminiCap

Bringing GeminiCap to the world–[Quality Partner Exclusive Forum] Shanghai Station has been highly praised and endorsed. Our core management team has not stopped to fully assist customers in trading, and in Beijing time On April 14th, 2019, at the Shangri-La Hotel, Xi’an, a second closed meeting was held for the second GeminiCap [the pressure of the ice-cold environment).

Detailed analysis of the high-level analysis, deep-seated essence

Through the overall control of the current situation and in-depth research on the majority of customers, combined with their own professionalism, GeminiCap cooperates with well-known media to link the funds for the safety of investors, risk aversion, development operations, market analysis, etc. Senior professionals once again present a question and answer to the participants, just like the knowledge salon of the immortal. All aspects involved, multi-angle cut-in, all-round escort.

[Partners, strong alliances] platform multi-party links, guests have a clear understanding
[Sublimation of vision, training and eyesight] The details of the platform screening method, the quality platform has a way to follow
[Star Instructor, Quality Assurance] Digital coffee is cut into multiple angles, and the transaction is “heavy”.
[Knowledge stirs up, thousands of miles a day] Freely communicate and gather together, take the length of others to make up for yourself

All-round support policy, multi-angle upgrade evolution

Inheriting the purpose of the Shanghai Station “Quality Forum for Solving the Real Needs of Customers and Accurately Delivering Development Momentum”, GeminiCap further upgraded the specifications of the lecturers, strengthened the knowledge transfer, and encouraged exchanges to promote the quality and evolution of the overall trading environment. The security of the guests’ funds was strictly observed, the risk control was improved, and the trading skills were refined.

GeminiCap “Ice-Breaking Pressure, Energy Break Out” Annual Lecture in Xian is about to begin!

The audience is full of seats, and the guests are all looking forward to the neck.

Ms. Gloria [Head of GeminiCap PR] – Customer benefits are no small matter, capital security when the first platform solves the problem of financial security

GebinCap partner Li Bin shared – screening quality platform, taking advantage of GeminiCap

Midfield tea break time, with exquisite refreshments to help digest the wonderful knowledge sharing in the first half

Lawyer Jiang Xiuhai [Senior Partner of Xinben Law Firm] – Risk aversion, effective development and operation How to avoid legal risks Effective operation

Yan Ruixiang [Sina Finance Column Analyst, Oriental Fortune Famous Commentator] – Gold Market Analysis, Trading Skills Transfer, Gold Forex Market Analysis and Trading Skills

The audience is focused and focused on the day.

Learn to go hand in hand, see Xian Siqi

As the “interactive exchanges and powers” emphasized by the Shanghai station, the lecturers are free to exchange time with the participants. I saw all the high-profile talks, or the testimony of the lecturer and the exchange experience, or shared the feelings of feelings to promote growth, rekindling the former action in the collision, once again fit the initial heart of our forum – let cooperation Partners are ready to go, breaking the ice dilemma!

The ultimate experience of our customers is our goal. Whether it is meaningful proposals and feedback, or your slight arbitrariness, we are open source, because your true attitude and feedback is the power and cornerstone of our next activity. We would like to be your Broker in the snow because we don’t want to pass you by.

Your suggestion feedback will be included in the report by GeminiCap, as shown in the following figure (only part of this article). We will also publicly announce each event feedback report.

(This activity feedback report chain https://www.esurveycreator.com/results/89f95d4-78b1280 )

[The pressure of the ice-breaking environment, the strength of the market] I look forward to meeting you again at the next stop!
“We gather divine power, just for you!
We are screaming for strength, just for you!
The lineup of each exclusive forum will depend on the current form;
Each exclusive forum allows you to break through the bottleneck in your thinking collision! “——GeminiCap

GeminiCap has always been committed to promoting the long-term development of its partners as a top priority, and has always been committed to providing comprehensive development support for our customers. This quality partner enjoys a series of forums for this purpose. As an important step, we will continue to improve our experience from the previous station, continuously optimize the form of activities, and increase the amount of gold in the forum, in order to make the next stop more suitable for customer needs, so that participants can break their ground. Confuse, get its solution, and promote its development!

GeminiCap Premium Partner Enjoys the next stop in Guangzhou, and is looking forward to meeting you on April 27, 2019!

Gemini Capital Markets (hereinafter referred to as GeminiCap) is an online trading broker of IX Capital Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as IXCG), which has established business locations in Europe, Asia, Bahamas and Dubai. The IXCG is authorised and regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB) with a regulatory registration number of SIA-F188.

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