The interactive session is too hot, and the event can only be delayed.
What a stunning event in the end? !

A hot industry event swept through Guangzhou…
On April 27, 2019, Beijing time, GeminiCap teamed up with the merchants to build a high-end event in the industry–[The ice-breaking environment pressures the market power] the closed-door conference tour of Guangzhou station was amazed! The atmosphere of the venue was extremely warm, and the interactive sessions were frequently added, and the popularity of the event was evident!

*Work with industry-renowned media*

GeminiCap understands that the quality of its partners will have an indispensable impact on its own development, and therefore has always adhered to the principle of “prefering peers”. As a well-known high-end media in the industry, with a large customer base and high-quality operation team, is one of GeminiCap’s many quality partners. The strong alliance between the two will promote the mutual development and enhance each other. Comprehensive strength.

As Elle’s operation director Elle gave a speech at the opening: “Working together is the most correct way forward in this era. The cooperation with GeminiCap will definitely bring you a better investment experience”, we will always In order to safeguard the interests of investors, we will do our utmost to create a better investment era for investors!

*The quality of the platform is full of strength*

| How to protect customer funds
As an influential broker in the industry, GeminiCap always develops its own principles based on the principle of “customer first”, and capital security is the top priority of investors. It naturally becomes the direction we strive to lay out. Gloria, head of public relations at GeminiCap, also gave an in-depth explanation of this, she mentioned:

On the one hand, GeminiCap complies with the regulations of the Bahamas Securities Commission (SCB), always sequesters client funds from platform operating funds, and deposits client funds separately in Australia’s largest commercial bank, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, established in 1912. Greatly reduce the risk of client funds; on the other hand, GeminiCap has provided millions of dollars in client capital insurance for every customer who opens an account on the platform. When a company goes bankrupt and liquidated, each eligible claimant can receive up to $1,000,000 in financial compensation in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions.

The customer’s interests are no small matter, the capital security is the first, and the double solid guarantee is also an important proof that GeminiCap firmly protects the interests of its customers. (For a $1 million policy please see:

|To meet the multiple needs of customers, starting with the choice of supervision
For every broker, regulation cannot be ignored. With the continuous development of the industry, the investors have become more and more aware of the supervision. In fact, in the world’s three major regulations, the NFA not only has strict requirements for leverage, but also the scope of supervision is limited to all regions of the United States; Global customers, but the leverage is too low, it is difficult to meet the needs of customers, and ASIC also appeared on the new rules on April 11, 2019. Therefore, in general, these three major regulations have different shortcomings to meet the multiple requirements of customers. “.

This, in turn, shows the advantages of GeminiCap’s compliance with the supervision of the Bahamas Securities Commission (SCB). In fact, the Bahamas Securities Commission (SCB) is an important financial regulator in the Bahamas and is regulated by Bahamian law. Since its inception in 1995, the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB) has been committed to establishing and managing the rules of operation of financial markets. In recent years, its regulation has been highly recognized by global markets and investors.

|GeminiCap is full of strength
In this event, Gloria also talked about GeminiCap’s liquidity structure, MT4, self-developed CRM and mobile APP, and cooperation with the global technology analysis organization Trading Central, and showed the guests to the guests. GeminiCap’s global conference held in Hong Kong on December 25, 2018, held in Xi’an on April 14, 2019, in the process of the second stop of the national tour of the closed-door conference. The guests listened to God and sometimes made amazement.

* Trading big coffee refers to the foreign exchange market*

In addition to the strength of the quality platform, there are three trading giants in this event. They may evoke their own experiences and resonate with the guests, or share their efforts to help the guests learn from each other’s strengths. The three speeches are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is no wonder that the follow-up round tables are hot. That’s it.

The first big coffeeman has been deeply involved in the trading market for many years. He and his guests objectively analyzed various problems encountered in their trading for many years, put forward thinking and solved through mathematical statistics analysis, and shared the help of traders through risk control. A better way to trade; and help foreign exchange traders to issue compliant products by designing domestic and foreign SPV dollar funds.

The second teacher, Daca Xiangkang, shared his own trading system with his foreign exchange practice and growth experience. Mr. Xiangkang is the head of MTS Technology, and he has a lot of experience in signal source and programmatic trading. Now MTS Technology provides WeChat and website to build a community.

The third finale, Li Zhiyi, introduced the various EA types available on the market to the guests and made a comparison of advantages and disadvantages. It also shared with the audience what the good trading model should be, the secret of stable compounding, and the on-site display of multiple long-term profitable trading accounts.

* Round table interaction detonated the audience*

Through the early “bedding”, I finally came to the most exciting part of the event – round table interaction! The above three trading companies served as the guests of the round table, and conducted in-depth discussions with all the parties involved in the transaction. Whenever the host asks the guest to ask questions, there is always a “striking”, and “the lucky one” who grabs the opportunity to ask questions is like a treasure, and quickly rushes to the “satisfied” big coffee to express their doubts, and urgently receives the “big coffee” Pointing to the maze.”

The event, which was scheduled to end at 18:00 in the afternoon, was also frequently overtime, eventually ending with a delay. However, this “delay” is the enthusiasm of the guests, the help of the big coffee, and the best proof of the success of this event!

* Tea break power booster boost *

This event not only allowed the guests to enjoy the spiritual resonance and touch, but also satisfied the guests physically. The exquisite tea break in the midfield moment not only eliminated the slightest fatigue caused by the first half of the audience, but also the second half. The “return to the battle” complements the energy; and the multi-round draw allows many guests to be full of joy and happiness, full of smiles.

* Steps to stop and continue to continue *

Under the amazement and reluctance of the guests, the event ended in perfection. This is the third stop of GeminiCap [the pressure of the ice-cold environment, the market power of the ice-cold environment], the unforgettable event, but GeminiCap will never slow down the pace of success due to the current success, every station Success will only be the preface to the next stop, and we look forward to meeting you again!

[About GeminiCap]

Gemini Capital Markets (hereinafter referred to as GeminiCap) is an online trading broker of IX Capital Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as IXCG), which has established business locations in Europe, Asia and Australia. The IXCG is authorised and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Bahamas (SCB) with a regulatory registration number of SIA-F188.

Since its inception, GeminiCap has been adhering to the “customer first” philosophy, dedicated to providing efficient, convenient and comprehensive foreign exchange trading services for individuals and institutional investors. The Group’s core management team has over 50 years of experience in the financial services sector, particularly in the areas of Forex and CFDs. The current CEO, Robert Berkeley, has been a leader in the foreign exchange industry since 2009 and has built a global presence based on integrity and trust.

[Strength lays the foundation]

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