GeminiCap, the national tour that has fired several cities, once again exploded in Guangxi?

GeminiCap and the well-known media exchanges in the industry to re-create a foreign exchange feast in Guangxi!
On June 8th, 2019, Beijing time, GeminiCap [the energy market of the ice-breaking environment] was closed to the national tour exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the tour). Many investors heard the news and spent a dry meal together. A very productive afternoon.

* Multi-faceted analysis of high-quality platform, the strength is full of merits and merits *

As a co-investment analyst of GeminiCap, Stark introduced the GeminiCap brand management concept to the guests in detail. The $1 million insurance signed by Lloyd’s of the United Kingdom escorts customers; the accumulated experience of over 50 years of industry experience The team leads the way; the forward-looking international authority Bahama Securities Commission’s regulatory decision-making will help you to block the obstacles when the leverage policy changes; the housekeeping think tanks will be dedicated; the courtesy activities will be pleasantly surprised; the national tour exhibition will be one after another… this time for the brand The analysis caused a warm response from the guests present. Everyone gently nodded and affirmed, and the surprise was also expressed.

| Lloyd’s of 1 million US dollars insurance
GeminiCap understands that the safety of funds is the top priority of investors. We are also constantly standing on this:
As the largest insurance organization in the UK, Lloyd’s, founded in 1686, provides every GeminiCap customer with a maximum of $1 million in insurance coverage, including, but not limited to, among the top ten airlines in the world. Nine and the top nine aircraft manufacturers are covered by Lloyd’s of the United Kingdom.
GeminiCap and Lloyd’s of the United Kingdom provide customers with a million dollars in customer money insurance. When a company goes bankrupt and liquidated, each eligible claimant can receive up to $1,000,000 in financial compensation in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions.

| Total team of over 50 years of industry experience piloting
GeminiCap’s core team brings together many experienced and discerning masters in the industry.
The team members’ experience in the foreign exchange industry has accumulated over 50 years, involving all aspects of the foreign exchange industry: from the transaction itself to differentiated services, from risk management to legal compliance, they have thoroughly studied and accumulated, and it is in this skill. Under the leadership of a comprehensive and highly professional core team, GeminiCap can stand out from many platform brands and become a trusted partner of many investors.

| Forward-looking regulatory decisions that hinder you from hindering leveraged policy changes
British bloodline spread – supervision by the Bahamas Securities Commission
The GeminiCap core leadership team has chosen to be supervised by the Bahamas Securities Commission, one of the world’s leading regulators, and is a forward-looking decision with 50 years of industry experience.
In fact, the Bahamas Securities Commission has overseen a number of stringent rules of FCA regulation, such as traders must provide customers with world-class transaction execution speed, and ensure that customers fully understand the trading operations and potential risks of investment products before investing. . Another important point in the separate deposit of client funds in a quarantine account is that GeminiCap stores the client’s funds separately in the Commonwealth Bank’s trust account, which is isolated from the brand’s working capital account, and this is also for client funds. Another great guarantee of security.
In addition, compared with the world’s three major regulations, the Bahamas Securities Commission’s regulatory advantages have become increasingly apparent over time: NFA not only has strict requirements for leverage, but also covers only the US mainland; FCA faces global customers, but leverages Too low, it is difficult to meet the needs of customers, and ASIC also appeared on April 11, 2019. Therefore, on the whole, the goal of meeting the multiple needs of customers is that the supervision of the Bahamas Securities Commission is superior because of its wide regulatory scope and limited leverage.

* Trading big coffee gathering meeting, multi-party divergence transfer kinetic energy *

The tour was invited by investors to four industry leaders. They were either in the process of trading or familiar with a particular field. Four big coffees shared their feelings. The guests also felt that the goods were full and worthwhile.
The first guest, Jason, had a deep understanding of the transaction. He and the audience discussed in depth the issues that were easily overlooked in many transactions, and explained how to optimize the transaction through risk management. The style is humorous and attracts the guests.

The second guest, Mo Fan, has been deeply involved in the trading market for many years. He shared with the audience how to help traders to better trade through risk control. He also explained how to help foreign exchange traders to issue bonds by designing domestic and foreign SPV dollar funds. The way to regulate products.

The third guest, Chinababe, shared with her the growth experience since she started her career, mentioning that she had reached hundreds of people in a single-single community. During the sharing process, she also interacted with the guests in the form of questions and answers.

The fourth guest, President Li, has nearly 20 years of experience in foreign exchange and has a unique understanding of the transaction. It also has an in-depth discussion and interaction with the guests present.

* High-quality round table high-value communication, exquisite gift and then help showcase *

After listening to the sharing of the four big business cafes, the guests at the same time in the heart of the past, while also creating some new problems, everyone is eager to communicate with the big coffee, and then the round table is coming. Become a “communication bridge.” The guests of the round table were served by the above four industry executives. The “Round Table Guest Group” was “violently bombarded” by the guests. Everyone actively sought the opportunity to ask questions and asked for advice when they got the opportunity. They accepted the opinions from the big coffee humbly. The rhythm of the entire roundtable session was very tight, and it was awe-inspiring. It really solved the real need for the guests at the meeting and was well received.

Of course, this event is not only a spiritual and psychological enjoyment, but also a warming thrust: the event prepares a fine tea break and exquisite gift for the guests, so that the guests can replenish their energy to meet the dry goods and win the lucky gift. Pleasantly show your face.

*Guangxi Station, next station continued*

GeminiCap [the pressure of the ice-breaking environment, the strength of the market] The closed station, the fourth stop of the national tour, Guangxi Station, has ended in amazement, but it is also deeply imprinted in the hearts of the guests, and let everyone have full expectations for the next stop. Guangxi Station, the next stop, on the road to help investors, GeminiCap never stops, will build a better future!

[About GeminiCap]

Gemini Capital Markets (hereafter referred to as GeminiCap) is an online trading broker of the international financial services group IX Capital Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as IXCG), which has been in Europe (London), Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Dubai) and North America ( Bahamas has a business base. The IXCG is authorised and regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB) with a regulatory registration number of SIA-F188.
Since its inception, GeminiCap has been adhering to the “customer first” philosophy, dedicated to providing efficient, convenient and comprehensive foreign exchange trading services for individuals and institutional investors. The Group’s core management team has over 50 years of experience in the financial services sector, particularly in the areas of Forex and CFDs.

[Strength lays the foundation]

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