GeminiCap's Global Strategy Conference Ended Successfully, Starting from the Heart and Swearing to the Top

On November 25, 2018, Gemini Capital Markets (hereinafter referred to as GeminiCap) officially held a global strategy conference. Many media were invited to witness another great event in the foreign exchange industry.

The conference was held in Hong Kong. As a highly prosperous international metropolis, Hong Kong is the third largest global financial center after New York and London. The positive image of the city is complemented by GeminiCap's own enterprising spirit.

In addition, attending the conference were GeminiCap Operations Director Alex Praill, Media and Public Relations Director Gloria, Customer Service Supervisor Mavis and Financial Market Analysis Consultant Jackson, and Trading Central as a strategic partner of GeminiCap, also specially attended and delivered a speech.

|Global layout, multinational interconnection
At the press conference, GeminiCap was co-assembled: the Bahamas headquarters, the Dubai office and the Thailand office specially recorded the video for this purpose.

The Bahamas mentioned that the Bahamas now has more than 270 licensed banks and trust companies, including 7 of the world's eight largest private banks and 35 of the world's top 100 banks, while banks in North America and Europe are already there. This builds a deep foundation, GeminiCap is born on this financial fertile ground, "multi-party coordination, development together" and compliance audit are the two major focuses of the work of the Bahamas headquarters, and this will be the direction of future headquarters.

The Thai side mentioned that the Thai office was established in March 2018. It is located in the capital of Thailand and is also the largest city in Bangkok, Thailand. It not only focuses on the local market, but also radiates the entire Southeast Asia region with its own focus, so that investors can enjoy it. To more professional, convenient and perfect trading services.

In addition, Dubai mentioned that the Dubai office officially took the first step in the Dubai DMCC Free Trade Zone in mid-2018. Its opening is an important step for GeminiCap to enter the Middle East market. Relying on its international operations team and local good financial resources, GemniCap Dubai Office is fully committed to brand building and expanding its influence.

|Multi-party analysis of the brand, the strategy is fully open
The highlights of this conference are frequent, and the speech part is one of them. From brand background to development strategy, from customer experience to quality training, both are strong certifications for GeminiCap's comprehensive strength.

Alex, the Director of Operations, gave an in-depth introduction to GeminiCap's brand history, core team and future development strategy. He said that under the supervision of the Bahamas Securities and Exchange Commission, GeminiCap is led by a number of industry-experienced and well-known foreign exchange giants, from the beginning to the end of the customer's interests as the first operational criteria; and, GeminiCap has been proactive With the purchase of Million Dollar Insurance, all customers who trade on the platform will receive a solid financial guarantee. When referring to the future development strategy, Alex said that GeminiCap will focus on the Bahamian headquarters and increase its market share in other regions, and continue to improve and improve its products and services, in order to bring better trading experience to investors.

Gloria, director of media and public relations, explained GeminiCap's brand positioning more deeply: it will continue to be customer-oriented, relying on the strength of its core management team, as well as the protection of millions of dollars in insurance and professional high-quality training system. To create an exclusive trading hall for investors.

Next, Mavis, the head of customer service, told everyone about the customer service experience journey. She said that for GeminiCap, it will try its best to meet the needs of customers but not blindly. Some things are definitely not going to be done. In addition, she also said that "all the way forward, all the way forward" is GeminiCap's consistent principle of treating customers. We look forward to working with investors to achieve common development and progress on both sides.

Finally, financial market analyst Jackson introduced the GeminiCap training system to the guests. He pointed out that this training system is mainly divided into three major parts: improving team professionalism, providing strong backing for customers and maintaining in dynamic market. Competitive advantage, comprehensive content and closely linked to the current development trend, both strong support for themselves and customers.

|Partners' speeches, the best prospects for the future
As the strategic partner of GeminiCap, the global technology analysis organization Trading Central also sent a representative to Jimmy to attend the conference and delivered a speech. First, Jimmy highly recognized the influence of GeminiCap in the industry and cooperated on the cooperation between the two parties. A brief introduction was also made to the guests presenting the multi-value-added services that GeminiCap can give to customers after the cooperation between the two parties. The two sides will join forces and choose the best peers in the future.

After several months of preparation, GeminiCap finally burst into bloom: the success of the conference not only allowed the outside parties to have a deeper understanding of GeminiCap, but also greatly enhanced the confidence of investors, and also conveyed GeminiCap's own struggle and courage. Aggressive attitude. We believe that in the days to come, GeminiCap will be able to break the storm and climb the top industry!

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