GeminiCap Thailand Kingdom Honorable Tour
- The feast of the king!


Let business partners meet
Build a bridge of communication and enhance development

At the beginning of 2019, in order to thank our clients for their support and long-term companionship, and to expel the fatigue and tension of the high-quality partners in the previous year, GeminiCap invited nearly 20 partners which have support us for a long time, and the annual amount of deposit was more than 1 million US dollars, together with local well-known clients in Thailand, launched a journey of exploration to the Kingdom of Thailand.

Learning has no boundaries with the best peers. GeminiCap has built a communication bridge for many quality partners, so that everyone can communicate with the excellent people in an easy way. From mutual enthusiasm to mutual complaints, from the crisis to the heat, the journey of the king not only allows everyone to appreciate the Thai The unique style of the kingdom also allows the participants to constantly vocalize and receive, and learn from others to complement each other and become the “long” of others. In addition, this trip GeminiCap also invites well-known domestic media to discuss the list and Huizhong Media. A total of the king's covenant, which is a good self-media platform, greatly helping the agents to identify high-quality platforms. The deep exchanges between the two sides have yielded a lot of money.

Endeavor to promote the long-term stable development of partners has always been the direction that GeminiCap is striving for. The “King of the Kings” has created a multi-disciplinary platform for high-quality customers, linked high-quality media, and made it easy for quality customers to experience exotic and in-depth experience of Thai style. Life has won the praise of everyone, and its perfect ending has also enhanced GeminiCap's confidence in helping investors develop.


Time flies, 2018 is over, time has changed the number but it can't cover the years we have passed. In order to thank our customers for their support and companionship to GeminiCap, we have invited many customers to open on January 17, 2019. After a seven-day, six-night honor tour of Bangkok & Pattaya, in this "King of the Kings", everyone also witnessed the GeminiCap 2019 [Transaction Hunter World I have] trading contest in the high-end estate of Pattaya. Grand launch ceremony.Surprise and stunning coexisted throughout the trip, cheers and laughter continued, so that everyone's reluctance was overwhelming at the end of the trip. However, this exotic carnival is over, and the impression it brings to each participant will never die. In this regard, "come to see you next year" is the best proof.Carnival began on January 17th, and at noon on the first day, Chinese customers from all directions facilitated the landing of Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand. Before that, GeminiCap staff had already hand-picked banners at the airport to prepare for the VIPs. 's arrival The customers arrived in succession. After entering the customs via the VIP fast-track, accompanied by the pick-up staff, they boarded our honorable car. The team was opened by the Royal Thai Royal Mounted Police, and the customer was safely delivered to the hotel. This accommodation is Como Cospolitan Bangkok. This 5-star hotel is located in the heart of Bangkok. The modern design and convenient location make it easier for customers to enjoy the accommodation experience or shopping. Customer check-in and After a short break, the trip to Thailand officially started!

The Geminicap honour team is waiting for customers at the airport, and the Royal Royal Police rides the preaching lane.

The lovely square van honour shuttle delivers our customers to the hotel

Luxury five-star hotel

Welcome dinner that evening, tropical red restaurant

Welcome dinner at the honor

Live Thai traditional instrumental performance

On the second day, a series of exploration tours in Bangkok are easy to look forward to. When you organize your belongings, you will take a special bus to the Grand Religion, a religious shrine in Thailand. Once you see the history of the Siamese kingdom, the crowds in the Grand Palace are surging. The lively and extraordinary, everyone first listened carefully to the tour guide's serious explanation of the allusions, and then browsed with a strong interest. The time soon came to the afternoon. After enjoying the fine Chinese food, in the afternoon, I went to the famous sightseeing spot - the four-faced Buddha pilgrimage. Although it was just a corner, but the bustling people, the incense is full, it is expected that the degree of temperament, many of them are more devotees Devoted to the ground and worshipped in traditional Thai dance. As the sun sets, all the members also start to take the special bus to the Ferris wheel market, enjoy a pleasant dinner under the red clouds of the sky, and end the second day of the journey in a calm and peaceful.

A place of pilgrimage to the world - the Four Faces Buddha

Everyone is sincere and hands-on, and hopes that the Buddha will help to achieve his wish.

As the sun sets, the breeze blew, and everyone's dinner in the Ferris wheel market adds a bit of romantic feelings.

On the third day of the morning, everyone gradually adapted to this trip. At 7:30, everyone gathered in the hall to go to the Dannenshadu Floating Market. More than an hour's drive, just let everyone use it to reserve energy, unconsciously Came to the destination. The Dannen Sanda Floating Market has a different style from the urban area. There is a bit more traditional and folk charm here. After the rectification, we will set up a special boat under the tour guide arrangement and start the exploration of the floating market. ! The floating market is a unique folk customs in Thailand. Each vendor puts its own goods on board and sells them by boat, or sells local food directly on the boat. It is because of its uniqueness that everyone is surprised. . Here, the selling sounds come and go. When you have a mouthful, you can buy snacks. Among them, Thailand's bananas and Xiaoluoluo are the most loved. After more than an hour of market treasure hunt, everyone is satisfied with a full trophy. Go back to the hotel and take a break, waiting for the evening cruise on the Chao Phraya River.

Traditional floating market, feel the Thai culture and customs

Vendors display a variety of traditional handicrafts, enjoy the price of fun in the floating market Taobao

Maybe the surprise in the morning is too strong. In the afternoon, everyone is a little tired. Therefore, some customers are convenient to take a break in the hotel, but for other customers who are full of shopping, such leisure is a bit "waste". GeminiCap has already arranged a lady's shopping carnival, and everyone took a special bus to Outlet for a "shopping". After a long time, the trophy was full, and then returned to the hotel with a satisfactory car. About 6 o'clock in the evening, everyone put on a light clothing to go, Bangkok's night is a little bit cooler, and a little more moving style, in this leisurely lined up in order, it opened GeminiCap for everyone. The Chao Phraya River Night Cruise Dinner was carefully arranged, and the boat slowly marched on the Chao Phraya River. While enjoying the dinner and cooking, we also exchanged and shared the views of these days. In fact, after a few days Everyone has become familiar with the exchange, so they took the initiative to invite each other to the second floor of the open deck to enjoy the music performance, the enthusiastic Southeast Asian singer sang a lot of classic music, everyone in the breeze heard intoxicated, more customers forget Follow the sing. In the forefront, the beautiful night scenes on both sides are also a highlight: not only shows the glory of Bangkok from the past to the modern, but also shows the country's strong national culture.

The cruise slowly progressed in the breeze, and experienced the different scenery of Bangkok at night.

The cruise offers a sumptuous buffet dinner for each guest.

Immerse yourself in the songs of exotic singers, talk and drink, and be very comfortable.

In the evening, everyone went back to the hotel, feeling the last night in Bangkok, and began to pack their bags in the middle of the reluctance to prepare for the fourth day to go to Pattaya.

On the fourth day, breakfast was used in the morning, and everyone took a special bus to Pattaya. The two-hour drive from the middle of the road also gave everyone a break. When the sun gradually rose, we also arrived at the beautiful Pattaya, followed by the media. The friends also arrived one after another, and after each other's chills, everyone rested and dressed to welcome the launching ceremony of our grand trader contest at night. In the evening, everyone dressed in costumes with Nanyang style went to the high-end villa estate. After arriving at the scene, everyone was exclaimed, and the shutter sounds could not stop. It goes without saying that it was deeply shocked by the beauty of the manor. In a short time, the host announced the official start of the launching ceremony. First, the Thai organizers and the Taiwanese organizers took turns to deliver a speech. The most important thing was to express GeminiCap's gratitude to customers, followed by the well-known media in the industry. The founders of the public information gave their words in order, and the pour champagne tower ceremony became the official opening of the future cooperation between the two sides. Then, through this opportunity, GeminiCap also invited Chinese customers and Thai customers to share the experience of GeminiCap cooperation. Chinese customers and Thai customers also started the first formal exchange. On the spot, everyone listened carefully to the sharing on the stage and was also eager to start. Interaction, the whole event was very smooth, everyone exchanged very late to return to the hotel to rest, of course, there are still many enthusiastic customers returning to the hotel and not tired, go straight to shopping mall shopping.

Bardaya Private Villa Manor Dinner

Well-known media in the industry - Huishang list Elle share [industry dynamics and trader experience]

Well-known media in the industry - Jennifer's speech sharing [media heading and industry trends in the coming year]

[Transaction hunter, I have it] Champagne Tower launching ceremony

Thai VIP customer awards and experience sharing

In fact, after a few days of getting along, everyone is more familiar with each other. The uniqueness of each person makes this journey even more exciting. In an instant, I realized how lucky it is for friends from all over the world to get together. one thing…

On the fifth day, we greeted everyone's most anticipated trip – the yacht went out to sea! After everyone reorganized and brought the waterproof bag carefully prepared by GeminiCap, they went to the yacht club and saw the whole row of white yachts with the blue sky. It became very beautiful. After boarding the yacht, everyone can't wait to change the swimsuit, and they have to find the best location to take pictures. It has to be said that everyone has instantly entered the role of the seaside holidaymaker, and it is full of excitement. Some people swim in the water, some people prefer the water facilities, and others have a leisurely sea fishing on the boat. While everyone is playing, the crew is also preparing fresh seafood char-grilled meals for everyone, at noon, waiting After the seafood dinner is ready, everyone will have a good time, and even marvel at the freshly caught seafood is really fresh! After a meal, everyone was lazy and sitting on the yacht and blowing the sea breeze. It was impossible to let people give birth to life. The feeling of resounding for a long time went to sea for everyone to surprise. After a little later in the afternoon, everyone went to the beach glass gallery to wait for dinner, accompanied by the sunset glow, and the breeze that passed through the body. The eye was blue and the mouth was not visible. A delicious dinner, this kind of comfort can not help but sigh: I think the time has been stopped at this moment... After dinner, take a break, everyone will take a special car to enjoy the must-see show in Pattaya - Thai Tiffany The show is combined with performing arts and aesthetics, which deeply touched our hearts and made us feel loose about the stereotypes of transgender people. Everyone saw it very seriously and gave them deep appreciation.

GeminiCap exclusive yacht, carrying the king's domineering, set off for the sea

The most pleasant moment is just a friend sitting around, facing the sea, sitting around and chatting, then continuing the road to the king.

The fresh and delicious food that just came out of the sea, we can't help but thank the gifts of nature.

In front of the marina, everyone took a group photo and left every moment of gathering.

Here, with the sea, with the sunset, slowly enjoying dinner, burying a beautiful scenery for the depths of memory.

Full of the sea, spring blossoms, whether you will be touched by the moment

GeminiCap's participation as the largest partner in Thailand, promoting the full exchange and thinking collision between traders in China and Thailand

Local show in Pattaya, comprehending another unique artistic performance

On the sixth day, everyone took a special bus to the seven treasures of Foshan. The Buddha was built with the 18-ton weight of 24K gold to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Thai emperor's ascension. It is very solemn and sacred from the distance, and it also deeply feels Thailand. People's respect for the royal family and Buddhism. Then everyone took a bus to East Pattaya Day Garden. East Pattaya Day Garden is a wide-ranging holiday park. After leisurely watching the show, try to ride the elephant garden. The gentle elephant carries the customers slowly. Going forward, because many people who are riding elephants are the first to experience, they are both new and interesting. After the tour, the tour guide will take you to the Pattaya Park for lunch. The 55-story Pattaya Park allows visitors to overlook the spectacular city of Pattaya from top to bottom. What's more interesting is that they think they are full. You can safely take the elevator down, but you don't know the boldness of your customers. Many people think that it is too boring to take the elevator and go to the ground. Although some people are highly scared, they end up giving The itinerary of the trip was even more profound. Everyone decided to go down the cable car together. When the cable car slowly descended, it brought some thrills but it was also an indelible part of this journey. Next, everyone went to Pattaya's famous Jewelry and Culture Center for sightseeing, taking a tour of the small trains in the museum and slowly learning about the history and technology of mining gems in Thailand. Many people feel quite profound. Of course, Thailand's last stop in the Thai jewelry display area is even more dazzling, and customers are also enjoying the latest jewelry in this area.

Seven Jane Foshan shows Thailand's faith in Buddhist piety

Overlooking Pattaya, panoramic views

After overlooking, the cable car will slowly take everyone down, can you see the hidden tension under these smiles?

Riding an elephant to visit the garden, find the heart of innocent

Tiger and me, who is the real king

After the tour was completed, everyone went to the hotel to rest and dress up, and prepared to go to Pattaya's famous cliff-net restaurant, The Cliff, which was well-deserved. It occupied a very large area and stood on the cliff. Everyone or looking at the sea. Or enjoy the sunset, or enjoy the food on the music, Xu is because this is the last dinner of this trip, everyone seems to be reluctant. On the way back, everyone exchanged ideas and discussed the situation of the next gathering, which made us feel a little proud, and the hotel was not separated, so they went to massage, shopping, and gr

Net red restaurant one after another, Xiaobian can only say that the customer benefits are much

In the setting sun, this warm and warm

Everyone at the table warmly exchanges the spark of collision

On the seventh day, everyone reorganized the luggage and went downstairs. After breakfast, I took the special car we arranged to the airport. The seven-day time passed very fast. In the twinkling of an eye, I went to the familiar airport. It was still so busy. Someone just came. Someone is ready to leave, and we are all slightly saddened by the upcoming departure, but we firmly believe that this is only the beginning of the next journey...

The covenant of the king, see you again in 2020!

Thanks to Langyabang and Great people

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