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Hello, distinguished customer:

Brilliant room full of old age, Jin Yu Chong Tang welcomes the new year! In this happy and blessed festival, the trading god GeminiCap is here to pay tribute to the guest, and he will present you with the "Pig" glory and the Jiuding Real Gold! When the transaction is full of standard hands, you will get the lucky draw chance. Nine will participate in the New Year's event immediately. Lucky Fortune will be lucky and the roulette draws a big red envelope!

rule of activity :

1. "Kyrgyzstan Roulette"
1. Get a lucky draw chance when you trade a standard hand every day. The bonus is 0.1 to 10 times the profit of the transaction.
2. The maximum daily single reward is $999.
3. Winning multiple: The number drawn by the turntable shall prevail.
4. Trading Order: Open the position after January 30, 2019, and pass the CRM draw in the background on the day of closing.

Second, "Jiu Ding Zhenjin"
1.A nine-day cumulative transaction with a total of nine standard lots, and a profit of more than 699 dollars, you can get a bonus of 999 yuan.

Third, the remarks
1. Event time: Beijing time from January 30, 2019 to February 11, 2019, 23:59.
2. Bonus issuance time: The issue time is from February 12 to February 16, 2019.
3. Issued to the customer's bank account in the form of a profitable red envelope.
4. There is no restriction on the account type, STD, VIP, ECN accounts can participate.
5. The account with the same name is the cumulative profit, only one draw.
6. The products that participate in lot calculation are limited to foreign exchange, gold, silver, and spot crude oil, excluding CFD index and other futures varieties.
7. As soon as you start to participate in the "Ji Yun Roulette", you will participate in the "Jiu Ding Zhen Jin" by default.
8. There are no trading position restrictions.
9. Malicious Cap will be disqualified from the activities of the client (including but not limited to the use of other people's accounts, regardless of the risk of maliciously increasing the number of transactions, resulting in account losses; using industry technical loopholes, generating a large number of invalid orders).

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