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Hello, distinguished customer:

Auspicious and happy in all seasons! GeminiCap wants to share the joys and blessings of the Spring Festival with the vast number of investors and customers from all over the world. From now on, in the "Hao Ling red envelope, enjoy the cloud", the net amount of gold in the New Year activities is up to standard, we will present a luxury honor! If you have other plans for gifts, you can also accept the awards for the Spring Festival red envelope! The year is coming, let us join the red envelope to celebrate the reunion, and enjoy the new year!

Activity time: Beijing time, January 31, 2019, 10:00 to March 30, 2019, 23:59

1. All account types can be entered. The ECN account type and the number of trades must be 2 times the number of trades.
2. Participate in the account to register the mailbox as the participating unit.
3. Chinese users only.
4. Does not limit the MAM group customers.
5. The effective deposit is calculated based on the net deposit, and the account within the same name cannot be counted.
6. The effective lot number of the same name account can be accumulated.

Event Gifts

Activity Details:
1. Each person is limited to one participation only. Repeat registration is subject to the first registration time.
2. The specified net deposit amount and the number of trades must be reached within the active time. If the corresponding trade lot is not completed, the gift will be reduced to the corresponding level.
3. The number of lots is calculated from the successful application activity.
4. Can participate at the same time as other activities on the platform.
5. The products that participate in lot calculation are limited to foreign exchange, gold and silver, spot crude oil, and do not contain CFD index and other futures varieties.
6. For customers only to withdraw profits, the principal cannot be withdrawn, and the net deposit amount during the activity period can be used as the threshold.
7. GeminiCap has the final interpretation of this event.
8. Special Terms: Maliminicap will cancel the client's activity when it is maliciously billed (including but not limited to the use of other people's accounts, regardless of the risk of maliciously increasing the number of transactions, resulting in account losses; using industry technical loopholes, generating a large number of invalid orders).

Prize delivery method:
1. Prizes will be issued within 15 working days after the event ends.
2. Select the prize item field.
3. If you need to discount the red envelope, please contact customer service before 12:00 noon on April 4, 2019 Beijing time. If you do not take the initiative to inform, the prize will be distributed mainly as gifts.
4. Discounted red envelopes and distribution methods: they are issued to the customer's bank account in the form of profitable red packets.

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