February Reward for Registration

Golden Pig, Give Billions

Start working! In the Year of the Pig, the golden year, the golden light shines on your heart, happiness and you are lingering in the breeze, happiness fills your side, the dream is realized after the hope, all the goodness is coming to your eyes! GeminiCap announced the official launch of the "Golden Pig Call, Gifts Billion" account opening bonus event! I wish your business is booming, booming, and day-to-day!

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[Valid period]: February 13th, 2019 Beijing time AM 09:00~February 28th Beijing time PM 23:59, for 12 working days.
[Gold amount]: $400 USD bonus, 20% hard work, get soft
[Application conditions]: new account opening

Deposit During the events Reward Lots (Standard lot)
New Account $2,000-$2,999 $400 80 Lots
$3,000-$3,999 $600 120 Lots
$4,000-$4,999 $800 160 Lots
$5,000-$5,999 $1,000 200 Lots
$6,000-$6,999 $1,200 240 Lots
$7,000-$7,999 $1,400 280 Lots
$8,000-$8,999 $1,600 320 Lots
$9,000-$9,999 $1,800 360 Lots
$10,000-$10,999 $2,000 400 Lots
$11,000-$11,999 $2,200 440 Lots
$12,000-$12,999 $2,400 480 Lots
$13,000-$13,999 $2,600 520 Lots
$14,000-$14,999 $2,800 560 Lots
$49,000-$49,999 $9,800 1960 Lots
$50,000 +++ $10,000 2000 Lots

Launched the “20% Bonus Event for Greater China Customers” (hereinafter referred to as “Events”), and invited all new and existing customers who live in the countries and regions that meet the requirements to participate. By participating in the event, you agree to be bound by the following regulations and terms ("Terms").

First, [qualification]
1. "Countries and regions that meet the requirements": Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
2. This event is applicable to the following accounts: standard, VIP account. Accounts with the same name and ECN accounts cannot participate.
3. During the bonus event, it is only valid for all new real accounts opened in GeminiCap for the first time.

Second, [withdrawal conditions]
1. The bonus is valid for 12 working days.
2. The bonus cannot be paid out or the funds are exchanged.
3. The customer needs to confirm the amount of the deposit first to see if the number of transactions is met, and if the condition is met, the deposit can be made. If the condition is not met, the bonus is deducted by 1:1.

Third, [activity rules]
1. Log in to the user's background and you will see the"Golden Pig Summoning Gifts Billion"text button. Click on the application to pass the verification before you can get the bonus.
2. the bonus is against losses, and the loss is paid after losing the principal.
3. Can not participate in other activities of the platform at the same time.
4. This event is only applicable to the following financial products: foreign exchange, precious metals and commodity CFD.
5. Transfers within the same name between accounts are not considered as deposits for this event.
6. The platform prioritizes the amount of deposits to see if there are any conditions for the number of trades.
7. The bonus is automatically credited directly to your trading account.

[What is a transaction bonus?]
The $400 trading bonus allows you to experience and test our execution without risk in a real trading environment. When you apply for a bonus, the bonus will be automatically added to your account and you can start trading. Any gains earned can be withdrawn at any time. However, any withdrawal will result in a discount on your trading bonus.

[Special Terms and Conditions]
1. The bonus will be credited to the customer's account within twenty-four (24) hours of the customer's completion of the relevant deposit. The bonus can only be used for trading purposes.

2. The maximum amount of bonus for each customer is $10,000 or equivalent currency, depending on the currency selected in the trading account and the amount of the deposit.

3. After completing the terms of the transaction, if the customer has traded the minimum lot size (calculated according to the following formula) during the activity period and has not submitted the withdrawal request for the deposit, the remaining funds are transferred to the customer's trading account balance for trading or extract. (Customers must complete a minimum transaction to withdraw gold)

4. On the third day after the new account is opened, the deposit amount will be decided and the bonus will be received. After the approval, the calculation will begin.

5. If the customer withdraws the funds in the active period, the customer must first confirm the amount of the deposit and see if the number of transactions is met. If the condition is met, the deposit can be made. If the condition is not met, the bonus is deducted by 1:1.

6. The customer cannot withdraw the bonus before the expiration of the terms of the transaction or the expiration of this activity, and can only be used for trading purposes. If the rules and regulations of this activity are not met, the bonus will be cancelled.

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