Alex Praill, Head of Operations in GeminiCap, had the perfect ending in his press interview tour in China.
——Strength, with motivation

Time flies, trying to make the years shine.
In 2019, on July 1st, the beginning of the other half was officially ushered in. This also means that GeminiCap has accompanied the investors and has gone through a period of struggle. GeminiCap has always adhered to the all-round efforts to help investors, from improving infrastructure to enriching products. From the security of funds to the protection of the trading environment, from the senior operating team to the perfect training system, from the intimate butler service to the stunning national tour... GeminiCap has made countless efforts to make the accumulation shine!

Wonderful on July 1st
The concept of operation reveals, and the exclusive advantage helps development

On July 1st, Alex Praill, the director of GeminiCap's core management team, GeminiCap's operations director, arrived in Shanghai from London and officially opened a media interview in Greater China.

This special interview included a number of well-known media in the industry for a period of three days.

On the first day of the interview, Alex Praill accepted an exclusive interview with the Foreign Exchange Alliance and Digital Exchange. The two sides discussed the “secret” of GeminiCap's rapid expansion and popularity. In an interview, Alex Praill profoundly explained GeminiCap's operating philosophy and its advantages compared to other brokers: he pointed out that the customer experience has always been the primary goal, and the stable and safe trading environment for customers is the most basic for GeminiCap. Requirements, and GeminiCap is more than just a broker, but more like a growth base for investors; as for the differentiation advantage, Alex introduced the company's $1 million client funding from ARCH Syndicate 2012, a member of Lloyd's of the UK. Insurance and VIP energy storage workshops and other supporting policies.

Fifin interview

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Wonderful on July 2
International authority supervision and blessing, the advantage is better than the day

GemirCap's Director of Operations, Alex Praill, accepted an interview with the well-known media exchanges, financial weekly and FX168 on July 2nd, mainly explaining the current world's regulatory new regulations, GeminiCap's visionary selection of the Bahamas Securities Commission (SCB) ) The regulatory advantage lies.

Alex Praill pointed out that the Bahamas Securities Commission (SCB) is an important financial regulator in the Bahamas and is regulated by Bahamian law. Since its inception in 1995, it has been committed to establishing and managing the operating rules of financial markets; comprehensively, it is the third largest in the world. Regulatory, in order to meet the multiple needs of customers, the supervision of the Bahamas Securities Commission (SCB) is superior because of the wide scope of regulation and the limited leverage.

Langyabang interview

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FX168 interview

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Wonderful on July 3
Capital security is the first, the global layout is advancing

On July 3, the last day of this interview, Alex Praill accepted an interview with FX678 Huitong Finance on the same day. The interview focused on how GeminiCap does its client financial support work, as well as the status quo and future prospects of its internationalization process.

Alex Praill mentioned: GeminiCap has taken many measures to provide customers with a safer and more stable trading environment in order to provide investors with confidence. In addition to the London headquarters, GeminiCap has set up customer service centers in Thailand, Dubai, Bahamas, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The promotion of the internationalization strategy will not stop. GeminiCap plans to continue to add customer service centers in Malaysia or the Philippines to serve Southeast Asian investors in a better and broader way.

Forextop interview

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Media exchange dinner
Multi-party gathering and sharing, sincere cooperation and development

After three days of interviews, Alex Praill and the well-known media in the Greater China region gradually became familiar with each other. In order to thank the support of many media and promote in-depth cooperation, Alex Praill banqueted the media on the evening of July 3, and everyone sat around to exchange ideas, talk about the development prospects of the industry, or pour into their own development experience, or chat. An interview with the three days. At the end of the banquet, everyone is looking forward to the next gathering with reluctance.

The interview of Alex Praill, the director of operations in the Greater China media, is not only a strong support for the development of Greater China in GeminiCap's London headquarters, but also a testimony to GeminiCap's support for investors. We are doing our best, only for you. The development has some strength!

Please attach the full content of this interview below

Every day, investors from 255 countries and regions choose Gemini Capital Markets for trading in a wide range of FX trading platforms. Gemini Capital Markets is founded in the financial center of London as an online trading platform of IX Capital Group Limited, a UK FX trading platform. Gemini Capital Markets was officially stationed in China in 2017, and was quickly expanded to the entire Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East, Hong Kong, Thailand, Dubai, Taiwan. What secret can make Capital Group Limited expand so quickly, let us invite Alex Prail, Head of Operations of Capital Group Limited, to personally explain!

Alex Prail
We are Gemini Capital Markets, an online trading broker of IX Capital Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as IXCG), which is dedicated to providing efficient, convenient and comprehensive FX trading services for individuals and institutional investors!

The biggest advantage of our team is that we have accumulated more than accumulated 50 years of industry experience in the international financial services field, from FCA and other regulatory license applications, to rigorous risk management, to legal compliance, the core team members are experienced and discerning leaders. The visionary decision-making and highly professional core empowerment make GeminiCap stand out from many platform brands and become a trusted partner of many investors.

GeminiCap's core leadership team consists of three members and all are the best in their fields. I worked as the Head of Operations, and at the beginning of my career in the financial services industry, I joined the IG Group, where I was responsible for providing guidance and advocacy to the business unit to ensure that customers receive a nice service experience at all levels. Aldrius Low is Head of Risk and Technology and has extensive experience in the spot FX and CFDs industry in the retail and institutional sectors, including liquidity management, risk management, technology infrastructure construction, system implementation and development of new products. Anthony Stubbs is Commercial Director with a successful career in wealth management and private banking in the Bahamas and is currently Chairman of the Bahamas Investment and Securities Business Association (BISBA).

GeminiCap's Company Philosophy?

Alex Praill
Different from the general financial derivatives in the market, we always regard the client experience as the primary goal, and bring stable and safe trading environment to our customers is our most basic requirement.

In addition, GeminiCap is more than just a broker. It is more like your growth base. With us, you will be supported by a think tank. At the same time, our 200 lessons of systematic online courses and training courses will also become The cornerstone of every step of your trading path.

For our cooperated partners, we are the only one in the world launching the first investment exploration tour in Asia, planning seven days and six nights of exotic luxury travel, full car treatment, and inviting customers who have been accompanying Gemini for a long time to join the private villa party and experience the yacht sea. Fishing around the island.

We are very confident. Such high-quality customer services are definitely the services that other platforms cannot offer.

In order to better help the investors, GeminiCap launched the national exhibition series of conferences (hereinafter referred to as exhibition). As of June 26, 2019, the tour has already passed Shanghai and Xi'an. Four cities in Guangzhou and Guangxi always take the "resolving the real needs of customers" as the first priority. Invite professional lawyers to share the cases of investor practices and invite senior lecturers in the field to link for investors: training, technique exchange, and trading psychology, and transactional behavior, trading aids and other resources, each field is full of high-end output. Each station have built a high-quality communication bridge for the participants. The tour allowed the guests to bring questions and bring the plan back, providing a platform for all participants to communicate and learn advanced. Its continuous evolution is also a testament to GeminiCap's initial support for investors.

In addition to the experienced team, does Gemini Capital Markets have special services compared to other brokers?

Alex Praill
Our platform provides the most various investment target in the market, including foreign exchange, index, commodities and MT4. It is easy to place orders on the platform whenever and wherever you want, and more importantly, "Costumers are always the first". Respecting the concept, we attach great importance to the safety of our clients' funds, and adopt additional protection measures to protect your funds by the $1 million Excess of Loss insurance provided by ARCH Syndicate 2012, a member of Lloyd's from England!

In addition, we provide 200 lessons of tutorial and training services, allowing customers to have a comprehensive understanding of MT4 basic knowledge, technical knowledge, advanced trading psychology, trading behavior, and in the FX market.

We have launched VIP partner energy storage workshops, from competitive trading conditions, custom incentives, to professional butler-type think tanks and senior co-analysts, as well as customer operations training and branding. Enhance training, from event planning, textbook design, to offline salons, each of which we will assist, we adhere to the ultimate in professionalism. Mutual benefit and win-win is our aim, and we are willing to lay a solid foundation for your business.

Introduction to SCB?

Alex Praill
GeminiCap is regulated by Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB), one of the world's leading regulators. Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB) is an important financial regulator in the Bahamas and is regulated by Bahamian law. Since its inception in 1995, the Bahamas Securities Commission (SCB) has been committed to establishing and managing the rules of operation of financial markets. In recent years, its regulation has been highly recognized by the global market and investors. According to Bahamian law, the Commission adopts the definitions and standards of the World Trade Organization (WTO), requiring any company or individual engaged in financial services in the Bahamas to make accurate, comprehensive and timely disclosure of information, and strive to build a fair, just and compliant security. A dynamic and competitive investment trading market.

What are the advantages of the Bahamas Securities Commission (SCB) in comparison with the world's three major regulators? In the current environment, more and more brokers have different choices, why did GeminiCap to choose the supervision of the Bahamas Securities Commission (SCB)?

Alex Praill
In fact, in the world's three major regulations, NFA not only has strict requirements for leverage, but also only covers US region. FCA faces global customers but has low leverage and is difficult to meet customer needs. Also on April 11, 2019, new regulations had been activated, so in general, these three major regulations have a setback to meet the multiple requirements of customers.

Therefore, on the whole, the goal of meeting the multiple needs of customers is that the supervision of Securities Commission of the Bahamas is superior because of its wide regulatory scope and limited leverage. In addition, Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB) has overseen a number of stringent rules of FCA regulation, such as traders must provide customers with world-class transaction execution speed, and ensure that customers fully understand the trading operations and potential of investment products before investing and risk, etc.

We all know that customers are most concerned about the security of funds. How does GeminiCap protect customers' financial security?

Alex Prail
We know that all transactions involve risks, so GeminiCap has taken many measures to provide customers with a safer and more stable trading environment in order to make investors at ease. In the face of the new regulations moved by the UK and Australia, GeminiCap has chosen to be strictly supervised by Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB), the world's most watched and trusted investor in the market, and continues to follow the highest level of FCA security monitoring. With stable operating standards, while providing higher leverage for customer choice.

In addition, SCB is also a member of international authoritative regulators such as International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), Council of Securities Regulators of the Americas (COSRA), Offshore Group of Collective Investment Scheme Supervisors (OGCISS), Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR). It is also a Caribbean securities regulator. Active participants and contributors to CGSR.

GeminiCap guarantees that all of our transactions are absolutely transparent and one of the most trusted financial derivatives providers in the world.

At the same time, our GeminiCap strives to continue to provide a number of responsible trading tools, including risk management, in order to work with SBC to create a fair, just, secure, and dynamic and competitive investment trading market!

Finally, for GeminiCap's vision for development in the Asia Pacific region, does Director Alex Praill have anything to say to Chinese in China?

Alex Praill
Brand internationalization has always been the focus of our GeminiCap business. In addition to showing GeminiCap's emphasis on Greater China, it is more important to expand our GeminiCap to the world and inject more power into the support of GeminiCap investors.

We believe that based on our service advantages and existing service bases, we can make foreign exchange investment customers in China more free to do whatever they want, and enjoy the win-win future of mutual benefit with Gemini Capital Markets!

At present, in addition to the London headquarters, GeminiCap has established offices in Thailand, Dubai, Bahamas, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Thai office is located in Bangkok, the capital of the country. After more than a year of development and growth, it has gradually acquired local market share, and gather a group of customers. As a first step in exploring the Southeast Asian market, we have begun to take shape, but the promotion of the internationalization strategy will not stop: we plan to continue to open offices in Malaysia or the Philippines in the future to better and more broadly invest in Southeast Asia. Here, GeminiCap will always take the initial focus of helping investors, and continue to use their deep experience and highly professional to promote self-growth to gain more shares in the Southeast Asian market.

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