Summer Rich Festival

In the midsummer, some people show off their pretty waists, some people show off their pretty legs. If you don't have both to show off, at least you can let GeminiCap bring you a rich summer!
Summer Rich Festival has 11 levels of gifts to choose. You can have luxury cars, you can get gold bracelets, you can also show off your new digital devices! There are so many gifts that it's hard for you not to desire one.
We have detected your bouncing heartbeat, sign up and get your gift right away!

Registration time: July 12 - October 31
Trading hours: July 12 - October 31


1. All account types can participate but ECN account type have to trade double lots.
2. Accounts can participate with the trading account as the participating unit.
3. For Chinese users only (excluding Taiwan).
4. MAM group clients can participate.
5. The effective deposit is calculated based on the net deposit, and the joint account cannot be counted.


1. Each trading account can only participate once. Repeat registration is subject to the first registration time. This event cannot be participated with other event on the platform simultaneously.
2. "New Deposit" must reach the designated net deposit amount and complete the corresponding trading lots during the event period. If the corresponding trades are not completed, the gift will be reduced to the corresponding level.
3. The number of trading lots is calculated from the new trade after the successful registration. If clients fail to register immediately after the deposit, it can be traced back to the "within 7 natural days" but the lots of trade cannot be traced.
4. The products that participate in lots calculation are limited to FX, gold, silver, oil and Brent oil, excluding CFD index and other futures varieties.
5. Special Terms: Malicious behavior will result in the cancel of clients' eligibilities when it is maliciously billed (including but not limited to the use of other people's accounts, regardless of the risk of maliciously increasing the amount of the transaction, resulting in account losses; using industry technical loopholes, generating a large number of invalid orders).
6. GeminiCap has the final interpretation of this event.

Award delivery instructions:

1. Award will be delivered within 15 working days after the event ends.
2. Select the prize item field.
3. If you want to cash the award:
Please contact client service before 12:00 on November 11 (Beijing time).
If the initiative is not completed, the award will be delivered by gifts.
4. Cash award delivery methods: delivered to clients' MT4 accounts in US dollars.

No.1 Prize

deposit 1,000,000 USD, 72,000 lots
(cash award 800,000 RMB)

Boxster GTS

Ghibli GranSport

Tesla Model X

Clients who win the awards can choose one of the gifts above.

No.2 Prize

deposit 500,000 USD, 32,000 lots
(cash award 320,000 RMB)

2019 M-Benz
GLA180 Sport

2019 BMW
2-Series Active
Tourer 220i

Audi Q2 35
TFSI Sport

Clients who win the awards can choose one of the gifts above.

No.3 Prize

deposit 30,000 USD, 15,000 lots

200,000RMB. Only cash award!

No.4 Prize

deposit 100,000 USD, 2,888 lots
(cash award 32,000 RMB)

Ninja 300

No.5 Prize

deposit 50,000 USD, 1,388 lots
(cash award 16,000 RMB)

Chow Tai Seng
Gold Bracelet

No.6 Prize

deposit 25,000 USD, 688 lots
(cash award 8,000 RMB)

Longines watch
Sony a6500
iPhoneXS 256G

No.7 Prize

deposit 18,000 USD, 520 lots
(cash award 6,400 RMB)

iPad Pro & BeatsX
Panasonic NN-CS1000

No.8 Prize

deposit 12,000 USD, 366 lots
(cash award 4,800 RMB)

BenQ W1120
Cowarobot AI
DJI Mavic Air

No.9 Prize

deposit 8,000 USD, 288 lots
(cash award 3,200 RMB)

Xbox One X
Dyson V10

No.10 Prize

deposit 5,000 USD, 166 lots
(cash award 1,600 RMB)

Ecovacs DE53
Bose SoundSport Free

No.11 Prize

deposit 2,000 USD, 66 lots
(cash award 400 RMB)

Fitbit Inspire


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GeminiCap Summer Rich Festival

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