Spring Gift, Enjoy Trading

At present, the company has two great year-end feedback activities that are applicable to both new and old users. It is not a gimmick, and there are few restrictions and flexibility.

Year is a transitional ceremony of the era renewal. With the end of 2018, with the gratitude to the domestic traders, GeminiCap will increase the appreciation and bring a new round of more generous gifts.

Enjoy the transaction every year, as long as your transaction meets the transaction requirements of each gift, GeminiCap will send it to you immediately!

One. New customer offers

First Deposit(USD) Reward(RMB)
1000 20
2000 80
5000 200
10000+ 500

The rules of this activity:

1. For new accounts only, any account type is applicable.
2. Apply online within 30 days after opening an account
3. Calculated according to the total deposit amount at the time of application
4. Participation in the account must be valid within 15 days after opening the account.
5. One account can only apply once
6. The account with the same name is treated as an account
7. No transaction volume requirement, recharge to account within one working day after deposit
8. Date of the event: December 1st - March 1st, you can register during the event
9. Registration method: online registration in the background or contact online customer service registration

New customer activity
(A) Process:
1.) Customer account opening
2.) Must have the first deposit within 15 days
3.) Apply for settlement within 30 days
4.) Submit an application for review
(B) Review:
* Is it a new customer new after 12/1?
* Is there a deposit within 15 days?
* Call level reward

two. Old customer activity

Deposit Lots Reward
2000 USD 5 lots Free 30 yuan credit (one working day to recharge)
5000 USD 20 Lots Give Jingdong Shopping Card (worth 180 yuan)
10000 USD 60 Lots Jingdong shopping card (worth 400 yuan)
15000 USD 90 Lots Jingdong shopping card (worth 600 yuan)
30000 USD 180 Lots Millet Purifier 2 (worth 800RMB)
50000 USD 600 Lots Huawei Mate20pro (8+128G value 5999RMB)
60000 USD 800 Lots iPhoneX(8+128G worth 7099RMB)
80000 USD 1000 Lots iPhoneXS(256G worth 10099RMB)
100000 USD 1200 Lots iPhone XS Max(256G worth 10999RMB )

rule of activity:
Activity time: December 3 - January 28

1. The gift issuance time is issued within one week after the end of the event;
2. After clicking the application activity, the corresponding deposit amount must be completed within one week, otherwise it will be considered as a waiver;
3. The number of trades must be completed within the activity time. If the corresponding trade lot is not completed, the gift will be reduced to the corresponding level;
4. The number of trading lots is calculated after the successful application activity;
5. Do not participate in conjunction with other activities on the platform;
6. Only STD-VIP account types are accepted;
7. The products participating in the lot calculation are limited to foreign exchange, gold and silver, crude oil, excluding CFD index and other futures varieties.
8. Withdrawal of funds before the activity conditions are met
9. Freely withdraw profits during the event period
10. GeminiCap has the final interpretation of this event.

2. Old customer activities
(A) Process:
1.) Customer application
2.) The back end does not click to agree (the initial non-conformity is rejected)
3.) Daily customer service new registration list, notify the event application has been received, will review the deposit standard within 7 days
4.) Entering Jinda 2000 within 7 days, click to agree and start counting.
5.) On the seventh day after the customer enrolls, the corresponding deposit ladder is reviewed.
6.) At the end of the event, the deposit amount must be 5.)
(B) Review:
* * On the seventh day, the deposit will be reviewed and the minimum amount of deposit will be $2,000 in seven days.
* * If the event is closed, if it does not reach the corresponding lot, it will be reduced to the corresponding ladder reward.

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