Event Background

The industry environment has put pressure on all parties, and the overall development speed of the industry has been slowed down. Eventually, a series of common problems have emerged. These developments have already become the object of all parties' efforts, and GeminiCap has always worried about customers' worries and concerns. The customer is concerned, through the overall control of the current situation and in-depth research on the vast number of customers, combined with their own professionalism, GeminiCap launched the "pressure of the ice-cold environment pressure market" closed-door national tour (hereinafter referred to as "tour exhibition") . The tour will be co-presented by GeminiCap's links to all parties' resources, and will focus on solving all aspects of the current development for the guests, multi-angle entry, and omni-directional escort. This conference is the second stop of the exhibition and Xi'an Station. GeminiCap is looking forward to working with you to start a foreign exchange exploration tour in the ancient capital of the 13th Dynasty...


April 14, 2019


Shangri-La Hotel, No. 38, Science and Technology Road, Xi'an High-tech Zone

Event Process

Time Process Guest
13:00-14:00 Sign in Guest
14:00-14:05 Opening Host
14:05-14:25 Customer benefits are no small matter, capital security is the first
How does the platform solve the problem of financial security?
14:25-14:55 Screening for quality platforms, taking advantage of GeminiCap
GeminiCap partner sharing
Bin Lee
14:55-15:15 Tea Break & Free Interaction Guest
15:15-15:40 Risk aversion, effective development and operation
How to avoid legal risks and effective operation
Xiuhai Jiang
15:40-16:05 Gold market analysis, trading skills transfer
Gold foreign exchange market analysis and trading skills
Ruixiang Yan
16:05-16:35 Free Interaction Guest

Event Highlight

Multi-party links to the platform, the guests have a clear understanding
The platform screening method is detailed, and the quality platform is followed
Several big coffees cut in multiple angles, and the transaction "heavy head" is deeply explained
Free exchange and cohesion, take the long of others to make up for yourself

Last station

Moment review of Shanghai station

About GeminiCap

Gemini Capital Markets (hereinafter referred to as GeminiCap) is an online trading broker of IX Capital Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as IXCG), which has established business locations in Europe, Asia, Bahamas and Dubai. The IXCG is authorised and regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB) with a regulatory registration number of SIA-F188.