Wonderland 360 degree observation
GeminiCap 720 degrees assisted

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Life lies in experience, not in migration;

Wealth lies in feelings, not in villas.

Not to mention the mountains you climbed, only the morning peaks;

Some people only have a holiday, and some people know how to let go;

There are zebra crossings on the road, it is better to have zebras;

Want to taste early, do not enter the store, only on the farm;

Get rid of the air freshener, only go to the air freshly;

The senior seat is not on the map, only on the earth.

Travel is not a trip, nor is it just a holiday.

Travel is a process of self-discovery.

Travel not only lets us see the world,

Let us see where we are.

After all, we created a trip.

Or did travel create us?

GeminiCap Formosa Getaway,
Let you explore the island,
With the opportunity to shape the self.

But this is not the whole point. You will also visit GeminiCap's Taiwan office in person.
Feel the daily routine of a professional, rigorous and efficient team. And will get more help from GeminiCap:

  • Brand packaging and promotion
  • Legal training and risk awareness
  • Marketing training and professional knowledge training
  • Customer development conversion and follow-up maintenance

Support all-round landing, Boost multi-angle opening!

GeminiCap Formosa Trip,To enjoy the pleasure of mind and body,also boost your career!

Wonderland 360 degree observation
GeminiCap 720 degrees assisted
Explore the island's infinitely

—— GeminiCap Formosa Trip


June 13th - July 12th

Event Details:

1. If you meet the following thresholds between June 13 and July 12, you can participate in Taiwan Island Tour.

Deposit and lot size Courtesy standard
Accumulated deposit
during the event
Number of lots    
80,000 USD 100 standard lots One-way ticket Luxury hotel (2 nights)
150,000 USD 200 standard lots Round-trip ticket Luxury hotel (4 nights)

2. Those who meet the conditions can stay for half a year, which is available until December 30th.

3. One quota is limited to one person.

4. During the event, the amount of deposit cannot be less than 50% of the amount of the event standard.

GeminiCap is responsible for booking flights and hotels, and customers need to submit an application 2 weeks in advance.
GeminiCap has the final interpretation right.


Taiwan Tour

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