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"The world is so big, you have to understand it with your true heart." So let's go to Dubai to see this wonderland.

  • The tallest building in the world

    Burj Khalifa

    The Burj Khalifa is 828 meters high and has 162 floors. The overall appearance is "Y". Tourists standing on the observation deck can enjoy the beauty of the Arabian Gulf to the greatest extent. It not only integrates sightseeing, office, entertainment, catering, but also has the longest and fastest elevator in the world. Among the 56 elevators, the highest speed is 17.4 m / s.

  • The world's largest musical fountain

    Dubai Music Fountain

    Designed and built by the world's first manufacturer of the Bellagio fountain in the United States, the Dubai Musical Fountain has a total length of 275 meters and can be sprayed up to 150 meters, which is equivalent to a 50-storey building. It is reported that the lights of the Dubai Music Fountain can be seen anywhere within 20 miles of the area, making it the brightest spot in the Middle East. The sprayed water column is like an elegant dance in front of people, and the music used in each game is different and the dances are not the same.

  • The world's largest shopping center

    Dubai Mall

    There are about 1,000 stores in the Dubai Mall, in addition to the world's largest aquarium, the largest gold market, the Olympic ice rink, the six-story giant screen theater, the adventure park, the desert fountain... Here is the dream paradise for consumers!

  • The world's first seven-star hotel

    Arab Tower Hotel

    Due to its shape resembling a sail, the Arabian Tower Hotel is also known as the Dubai Sailing Hotel. The hotel is built on an artificial island in the Persian Gulf 280 metres from the shore of the beach. It is connected to the land by a curved road. It has 56 floors and 321 meters high. It is famous for its splendid and luxurious style.

Dubai is known for its arrogance, but what is hidden behind this heroic spirit,
Under these extraordinary things, there are some little-known stories.
If you want to see the world, are you ready to meet amazingly!

Who wants to see the world,
Ready to meet amazing!

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