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rule of activity
1. The event will be from December 17, 2018 to March 31, 2019.
2. The application is valid within 30 days after the deposit.
3. Each account can apply for a reimbursement of the corresponding amount each time you deposit.
4. The ECN account type application doubles the net deposit and the reimbursement fee remains the same.
5. Accounts with the same name can participate, and each account with the same name is calculated separately.
6. The reimbursement fee is subject to the invoice provided by the customer. You can choose to convert it into US dollars into the trading account, or recharge the phone bill.

Deposit(USD) Highest fee(RMB)
5,000≤ deposit <10,000 80
10,000≤ deposit <20,000 100
20,000≤ deposit <25,000 150
Deposit ≥25,000 240

The VPS service provided by this event is provided by a third party. Participation in this activity is a voluntary behavior of the customer. If there is any failure in the operation of the VPS, the customer needs to recover the relevant responsibility from the VPS supplier. GeminiCap will not be responsible.
2. It is recommended that customers fully understand the characteristics of their EAs and obtain sufficient consultation from relevant EA suppliers before using the VPS server.
3. When the customer completes access to the VPS using the Administrator password, the customer must be responsible for the outcome of the transaction.

Trading Forex (Forex) and CFD (CFD) are high-risk activities where your losses exceed your initial capital.

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