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  • How to check Swap for each products?
  • What is Margin? How to calculate my margin?
  • How much is the leverage?
  • What is Stop Out?
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  • How to check Swap for each products?

    You can check GeminiCap swap simply on MT4 terminal. In "Market Watch" section, choose and right click the symbol you want to check. Then you can see "Specification" in the menu. Click it then you can see the updated swap rate for long and short postions at "Swap Long" and "Swap Short".
  • What is Margin? How to calculate my margin?

    "An investor must first deposit money into the margin account before a trade can be placed. The amount that needs to be deposited to the open positions is called as "Margin" in MT4 Platform. Unlike the fixed-margin method, GeminiCap use floating method, in which the margin amount required is related to the product price. The margin for an open position will vary and depend on the open price of the order and leverage for that product, while GeminiCap provides up to 1:500 leverage to your clients.
    The used margin is calculated in base currency (which also equal to price* quote currency) and then transformed into USD by real time exchange rate. Free margin is the fund left for new positions. If your free margin is lower than the required margin level of the order you want to open, the order will not be processed.
    The margin level can be calculated as follows.
    Margin = Number of lots * Contract Size * Market Price / Leverage
    For example, if you want to open 0.1 lot of EUR / USD pair (current price at 1.35645 and 1 Lots contract is equal to 100,000 unit). The Leverage of the account is 500 times.
    Therefore, your margin is calculated as (0.1x 100,000x 1.35645) / 500 = $ 27.13
    In this case, the margin required is 33.91 USD. So the free margin in your account shall be more than 33.91 USD to open that position.
    If you want to long 1 lot USD/JPY at 99.80, then the required margin will be:
    1 lot * 100,000 contract size. * Contract price * / Market price / 100 Leverage = USD 1000
    Or if you want to short 1 lot of USD/CHF at 0.9460, then the margin will be 1,000 USD as well.
    In a case of crosses pair, if client A wants to short 2 lots of AUD/JPY at 102.20, and AUD/USD is at 1.0304, the margin should be:
    2 Lots * 100,000 Contract Size * 1.0304 Market Price / Leverage = 2,060.8 USD
    Note: the used margin is subject to change due to the market price of AUD/USD.
    If client A wants to short 5 lots of EUR/GBP at 0.8520, and EUR/USD is at 1.3048, the margin should be:
    5 Lots * 100,000 (Contract Size) * 1.3048 (Market Price) / 100 (Leverage) = 6,524 (USD)
    Note: the used margin is subject to change due to the market price of EUR/USD. Finally, the method can also be used in margin calculation of gold and silver products. For example, if client A wants to short 1 lots of Gold at 1440 USD, the margin should be:
    1 Lots * 100 (Contract Size) * 1440 (Market Price) / 100 (Leverage) = 1440.00 (USD)
    GeminiCap has modified our leverage policy to help traders effectively control their risk on Forex and Precious Metals. The margin policy of other CFD contracts remain the same. Please be noted that with leveraged forex trading, risk management becomes key."
  • How much is the leverage?

    GeminiCap provides flexible leverage poilcy, from 100 to 500 times, to meet different clients' needs. Clients can apply for leverage change at CRM. The leverage policy are listed as below:
    Conditions for leverages;
    Leverage Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit
    1:500 500$ 10,000$
    1:400 500$ 50,000$
    1:300 500$ 100,000$
    1:200 500$ 250,000$
    1:100 500$ >250,000$
  • What is Stop Out?

    The margin call level in GeminiCap is 120%. When the margin level reaches this level, the open position will not be closed, but there will be an alert in MT4. When the margin level drops below 100%, system will automatically start to close the open positions, starting from the order with largest floating loss. The system will not close all position together, but one order by one order. Once the margin level rises above 100%, the stop-out will cease until the level falls below 100% again
    Margin Level Formula is:
    Margin Level = Equity / Used Margin x 100%
  • What product deals can we offer?

    The GeminiCap platform has 36 currency pairs, 7 commodities including gold, silver, copper, and crude oil (futures/spots) and gas and British Brent crude oil, as well as 12 indices for trading, more products will be put on the shelves. Stay tuned.

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