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Make beginner clients who have no way to start have the target.Make targeted professional clients evolve step by step.

TRADING CENTRAL (TC) is an analytic institution with the history of strong market financial analysis. Founded in 1999, TC has set up offices in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Ottawa and Shanghai. It serves more than 200 leading financial institutions in 45 countries, covering 7,500 global high-cap stocks, 95 foreign currency pairs, 75 commodity futures, etc., provide customers with 3,000 trading strategies for various assets in 29 languages per day.

TC's global research team consists of a number of senior technical analysts, all of whom are STA (British Technical Analyst Association) or CMT (US Chartered Market Technology Analyst) qualification. Their views are widely respected and sought after in the financial media community and are often cited by Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, US News and the Globe and Mail.

GeminiCap has cooperated with TC to provide customers with the technical strategy analysis tools at the top of the global foreign exchange investment chain, so that various investments in band, intraday and long-term transactions can find shiny investment opportunities with the assistance of TC. A quality investment strategy to achieve rigorous risk management and ultimately a positive return on investment.


Study how to look at the ups and downs, and build orders based on the price provided by manual analysis and high-frequency intelligent analysis.

The TC's analyst research, forecasts, reviews, and key phases are superimposed on the trading tools in the MT4 real-time chart. The latest ideas will be displayed within the selected time frame, daytime (30min), short-term (daily) or mid-term (weekly).


Provide useful trading signals in real time, effectively improve trading skills and find trading opportunities

There are many types of candlesticks, and it is not easy to master them all. Trading Central has selected 16 candle shapes that it believes best represent market psychology or emotions, combined with its unique quantitative and technical expertise.


Provide practical and feasible strategies for short-term trading, and avoid multi-signal and anti-shock

Trading Central's adaptive divergence indicator automatically adjusts its effective length based on market changes (short in the trend market, shocking the mayor).


Customized trading strategy intelligent chart recognition, according to your trading preferences, provide a variety of customized real-time trading strategies, grasp the timing of product entry; powerful chart recognition system, can find the technical form of any graphic, and release it The rise and fall signal; Recognia discovery function, can provide a technical form of evaluation summary, help you make a wise trading decision, you can observe the dynamic changes of the strategy at any time, or collect your trading strategy, or look back at the evolution of the strategy.

The Recognia Expert Advisor provides technical, fundamental and value analysis that can help you participate in financial markets and optimize trading strategies. It conducts research on all asset classes in 85 exchanges around the world, scanning more than 72,000 assets and 80 copies per day. Option contract.

  • Real-time charts and data
  • Backtested strategy
  • Transparent and educational commentary
  • Personalization and automation perspective

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